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A Man with A Moustache !

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A Man with A Moustache !

Do you see a Man with the Moustache ?

Is he Ridiculous or Good Looking I Ask !


His Wife told Him : “You are Ridiculous & a Fool”,

But, He was not Disheartened & said: “I am not a Fool!”,


“It is for the Prostate Cancer Awareness ,I do this”

“I keep this Moustache for a Good Cause,My Dear !”


The Wife Thought of this again & again& Finally said:

“You can keep your Moustache & Forget earlier what I said “


Happy was this Man, Hearing these Wife’s Words ,

Touched His Moustache & Thanked His Gods !


Far Away, in a Distant Land, Someone was Eager to see This Moustache Man,

And, Was Ready to take the Photo of this Moustache Man !


Even Without Seeing this Man, with His Moustache,

This Someone was Sure ” The Son-in-Law ” was that Man with the Moustache !

This Poem in English was Created on November,9, 2011

By Dr. Chandravadan Mistry

બે શબ્દો…

આજની અંગ્રેજીમાં કરેલી રચના તો ૨૦૧૧માં શક્ય થઈ હતી.

તો…આજે કેમ પોસ્ટરૂપે છે ?

“દીકરી” વિષે ..ત્યારબાદ, “વિરલ” વિષે પોસ્ટો પ્રગટ કરતા, બે પોસ્ટો અંગ્રેજીમાં થઈ અને યાદ આવ્યું કે મુછવાળા માણસ વિષે અંગ્રેજીમા રચના કરી હતી. એવી યાદ સાથે, જુની ફાઈલ તપાસી. આ રચના મળી અને આજે પોસ્ટરૂપે પ્રગટ કરતા, આનંદ થાય છે.

ઈંગલેન્ડમાં રહેતા જમાઈએ એક સમયે “મુછ” રાખી હતી. એવું કરવાનું કારણ “પ્રોસ્ટેટ કેન્સર રીસર્ચ”ના લાભ માટે દાન ભેગું કરવાનો હેતુ હતો.

એનો આનંદ અનુભવી, આ રચના થઈ હતી.

આજે સૌને પ્રસાદીરૂપે પીરસી છે.

ડો. ચંદ્રવદન મિસ્ત્રી.


This Post is a Poem in English about a MAN WITH A MOUSTACHE.

Many Men keep the Moustaches.

A Moustache gives an “identity” to a person.

Once kept, it becomes an intragral part of that Man’s Recognition.

Some men keep the Moustaches for a short periods for fun.

But…here, as mentioned in the Poem, the purpose of keeping the Moustache for a “brief” period was to bring the “Awareness of the Prostate Cancer”.

I hope you get the “total story” via this Poem !

Dr. Chandravadan Mistry.

જુલાઇ 29, 2013 at 8:30 પી એમ(pm) 8 comments

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