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Dear Viral, It’s 27th July Day,

And, It’s your Birthday Today,

Our Congratulations to You !……(1)



Dear Viral, It’s 27th of July of 2013,

And, It’s Your 32nd Birthday in 2013,

Our Happiness for Knowing That !……(2)



Dear Viral, Remember 4th July of 2013,

And, It’s Your 3rd Wedding Aniversary Day,

We are Filled with Joy Remembering The Day !….(3)



Dear Viral, Our Love For You Can Not Be Measured,

And,Also Our Love for Rupa Can Not Be Measured,

We Bless You Both For Ever And Ever !……..(4)



Dear Viral, Think of The Divine Today And Always,

May God Shower His Love & Blessings To You Always,

We, Pray That He Fulfills Your Desires & Dreams !…..(5)


Poem Created for Our Son-in-Law Viral for his Birthday

Date of the Creation : July 26th 2013

Dr. Chandravadan Mistry

બે શબ્દો…

આજ છે ૨૭મી જુલાઈ,૨૦૧૩.

અને એ છે વિરલની બર્થડે.

અમારી દીકરી રૂપા અને વિરલના લગ્ન ૪મી જુલાઈ ૨૦૧૦માં થયા હતા.

આ પહેલીવાર એક કાવ્યરૂપે મેં મારો “ભાવ” અંગ્રેજીમાં દર્શાવ્યો છે.

આશા છે તમોને ગમે !

ડો. ચંદ્રવદન મિસ્ત્રી.


It’s 27th July & it’s Viral’s Birthday.

For the 1st time I had expressed my “feelings” as a Poem in English.

Hope you enjoy reading it !

Dr. Chandravadan Mistry

જુલાઇ 27, 2013 at 11:07 પી એમ(pm) 10 comments

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